Instructions on 4D+ Animal Coloring Mobile Application and Coloring Book


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Contributors: We would like to express our gratitude to Mehmet TEBER, Clin.Psy.D. & Pedagogue, for his dear contributions to making process of 4D+ Animal Coloring Mobile Application and Animals Come Alive Coloring Book.

Application Instructions: In order to use activities in the application, you must purchase the 4D+ Animal Coloring Animals Come Alive book. If you don’t have the book, please visit

Application Activation: You can activate the application by using the activation code in the book you received. Activation code is valid for two mobile phones or tablets.

Start: After pressing the start button on the application homepage, you must select a character. You have to turn on the camera of your smartphone or tablet with the application installed and point your camera at the coloring book afterwards.

Explore: You can get information about animals by pressing the volume button.

Paint: You can paint the coloring section in the book.

Animate: You can animate the camera by holding it over the character you are painting.

Play: You can collect points by playing with the character you paint.

Take a Picture: You can take a picture with the character you paint.

Share: You can share the character you photograph on social media if you want.

Contact: If you have further questions, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]


We would like to thank the child development specialists who contributed to Animals Come Alive Application and the book.

Personality Development: Bonding with animals has positive effects on the child’s emotional development. The main gain  follows “improving the sense of responsibility, understanding the sense of abnegation, increasesing the sense of friendship, improving self-confidence, encouraging productivity, improving hand and eye coordination.”

Dear Parents:  It is recommended by child development specialists that intimidating children with animals, trying to nurture them or make them do what you want have negative effects and might leave permanent damage.


“4D+ Animal Coloring Animals Come Alive” mobile application and coloring book was prepared with “AR” -Augmented Reality- with the technique of gamification.

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